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About colobit

Colobit LTD is widely known and recognizable not only in the narrow circles of dealers and traders in crypto-currency. But this was not always the case.

In 2008, a group of young and ambitious graduates of the Oxford University led by Edward Reed developed a new business model bringing a stable income not only to the owners of the corporation, but also to the friends and partners who were ready for mutually beneficial cooperation via investment activities.

Colobit LTD offers its clients and partners a stable passive income via the management of financial assets through the safe trade of crypto-currency in the world exchanges via arbitrage.

Experts of Colobit LTD made a breakthrough in the crypto-currency market trading in crypto-currencies via arbitrage.

Clients of Colobit LTD perfectly understand the main principle of work via arbitrage.

When various exchanges are monitored and where the prices for the same cryptocoin are so different in percentage correlation, that buying a coin on one exchange and its instant selling at another one makes the company financially stable.

Colobit LTD has won the public’s heart by its honesty, seriousness,

reliability as a financial partner, which can be entrusted with the assets and you’ll receive exactly that passive stable income, which millions dream of. Colobit LTD is officially registered in the United Kingdom with headquarters in London.

The package of documents of the official registration can be checked on the website by any partner, client or simply any person interested in passive income.

Colobit LTD is responsible as to its work undertaking the tax burden on its shoulders, so each client of Colobit LTD receives the declared dividends in full and instantly on demand.

Today Colobit LTD is the leader in the market of crypto-currency trading via arbitrage, which financial power is getting stronger every day.

Colobit LTD always guarantees its investors stability and high dividends! Never before has the investment process been so comfortable!


Colobit Limited

Company number:

22 Melton St, London, United Kingdom, NW1 2EP

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Trading is carried out in different directions, which significantly affects the profit of Colobit LTD. Today Colobit LTD is so successful that it is ready to share profits with its partner-investors. In 2017, the Board of Directors of Colobit LTD decided to establish an Investment Trust. Investors of Colobit LTD are now so confident in the future and stable income, as the company's experts are saddled with the creation of financial assets with a guaranteed yield of 4% per day! Never before has the investment process been so comfortable!

Now it's not you who work for money, but money works for you!

Then, the experts of Colobit LTD review all crypto pairs without focusing on the most popular cryptocoin of Bitcoin.

Clear objectives and time frames for fulfillment of these tasks how to achieve success and prosperity were set. Many years passed, but the philosophy of Colobit LTD remained the same - we appreciate each client, we guarantee each of our partners the stable passive income depending on the investment offer he/she has chosen.

Due to huge work and fundamental knowledge in the field of the crypto- currency and the trade of our experts, due to the confidence in Colobit LTD of the investors from around the globe, the Board of Directors headed by Edward Reed has decided not to be limited to branches in different countries, but create a worldwide network of Investment Trust through the Internet, so that everyone who has an access to the World Wide Web could also enjoy the investment process and receive a guaranteed profit. “Now it's not you who work for money, but money works for you!” This is our slogan and rule we have followed for many years.

Join our team of successful investors - The most cherished dreams and goals will be fulfilled as if by a wave of a magic wand.

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Nov-20-2017 07:46:30 PM Youtube video competition

COLOBIT LTD announces the first competition for the best video about us. Everything is simple: record your video about COLOBIT, briefly tell about its ...

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Nov-15-2017 01:28:46 PM Online support and adjustment of the plans

Today we adjusted the hourly investment plans. We also changed the phone number of online support, a new number is: +442032893163

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Nov-13-2017 12:46:03 PM Investment plans are added

At the last meeting of the company management we decided to expand the range of investment plans. Two powerful investment plans are added now

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Nov-11-2017 08:25:04 AM Reengineering of the COLOBIT LTD

We are happy to announce that the corporation has successfully reengineered business processes, as a result of which many changes and upgrades were made.

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